The Push (El Gardener #2) – T.C. Parker

After I finished reading The Debt last week, I couldn’t wait to get more of El, Ruby, Sita, Rose, and the others. Don’t try to read The Push as a standalone, there’s a lot of background in the first book and you really should start at the beginning of the story.

Once again, I’m not even going to attempt to say what this book is about, it’s impossible without spoiling. What I can say is that I’m coming to realise that these books play the long game. You can’t trust anything you read on any page until you get to the end. And even then, I wouldn’t be too sure. Think Usual Suspects (without Kevin Spacey) in book form. Very exciting. I love the back and forth in time, I keep getting lost, but instead of being annoying or frustrating, it adds to the thrill, the feeling of being in over your head that at least some of the characters experience. The story is delightfully convoluted, and when everything falls into place, the author leaves only the one loose end necessary to lead to the next book.


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