The Debt (El Gardener #1) – T.C. Parker

At first, The Debt is reminiscent of heist movies, more specifically Ocean’s 8 and its cast of kickass women, but as the story develops, the light and fun feeling evaporates into a much darker story.

A lot of what El knows as a con artist, she learned from Ruby, who took her under her wing as a teenager. So when Ruby asks El for a favour, saying no isn’t an option. The favour turns into a much bigger, much more personal, and much more perilous job.

Told mostly from El’s point of view, with a few press clippings and some scenes recounted by other characters, The Debt begins in a seemingly straightforward manner but, very quickly, twists multiply. While I found all the characters fascinating and wish I could write about them all without spoiling, the real star of the book is the plot. It’s intricate and unreliable in the best way, nothing is what it seems and danger hovers all along. The pace is excellent and my heart kept beating faster and faster as the story developed. The bad guy is truly terrifying, and since I don’t often recommend books with violence, be aware that this is one. There’s nothing gratuitous about it however, it’s necessary for the story and brings insight into both the villain and the women going after him.

I’m going to need a lighter read after this but the next books in the series are going on my TBR right away.


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