Forever and a Day (Those Who Wait #1.5) – Haley Cass & Lori Prince (narrator)

As I wrote when I reviewed Forever and a Day the first time, getting to spend more time with Sutton and Charlotte is wonderful. Forever and a Day can absolutely not be read as a standalone, you need to have read Those Who Wait first to enjoy it completely. Also, if you haven’t read Those Who Wait yet, why? Fix that. Better yet, listen to it. Lori Prince does a fantastic job of bringing these two excellent characters to life. I love the way she says Charlotte’s “darling” and I couldn’t wait to hear it again.

Besides, Haley Cass wrote one of the hottest strap-on scenes, and damn is it hot when it’s told directly in your ears… I also love that it’s between a married couple, two women who are parents, because that’s not the kind of representation we often get. I love romance for the falling in love and all the excitement of everything being new and all the potential, but I’m grateful to Cass for seeing this opportunity and making the most of it.

I don’t have much to add to my original review. I’ll just say that I had forgotten how romantic this series of epilogues is and it was really nice to get to enjoy them all over again.

Read my review of Forever and a Day, the book.


Forever and a Day @ audible

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