Those Who Wait (Those Who Wait #1) – Haley Cass & Lori Prince (narrator)

I kind of needed to cry about something else than myself because this time of year is tough (Monday will be the fifth anniversary of the day I couldn’t go back to work) and Haley Cass’s debut novel is one of my favourite books of 2020 so when my friend Gaby kept saying the audiobook was so good, I jumped on it. With Lori Prince narrating, why resist? She’s the perfect choice for these types of characters.

So I didn’t. Resist, I mean. Which led to me pretty much smiling since I started listening last Monday because damn, it really is good. And crying some too because ugh. Sutton is so incredibly awkward and adorable, Charlotte makes kindness sound really sexy, Regan (Sutton’s best friend) might be one of my favourite secondary characters, and Lori Prince is once again the perfect choice. Or did I say that already?

Caleb and Dean’s voices are a little too cartoonish but who cares. All the women voices are impeccable. And so what if the story is a little long and could probably have used some editing? It’s so sweet I didn’t want it to end, even though it’s already twenty-one hours long. Seriously, a credit very well spent. Twenty-one hours of delight.

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