The Stars at Night – Gerri Hill

“I love it here.” This sentence comes back a lot in Gerri Hill’s latest romance novel and I love it because it echoes what I think very often about where I now live.

Leaving the life you know in a busy and exciting – at least on the surface – city for a much slower, quieter but also more tangible life in the mountains or, in my case, by the sea, isn’t for everyone, I guess. It definitely was the right choice for me (take a look at my Instagram if you have any doubt), and it turns out to be the right choice for both main characters in The Stars at Night.

Working at the Davis Mountains State Park was never Kyler Clemons’s plan. She loved the beach life of Mustang Island, but getting caught with your boss’s wife (which reminded me of Hill’s No Strings at first) can have unforeseen consequences. Positive consequences, since a few years later, she’s happier than she’s ever been. She loves the mountains, loves learning about birds, loves the people, especially her best friend Mark and his parents. After she loses her job in the tech industry and can’t seem to find a new one, Lexie Walton, Mark’s sister, allows her parents to convince her to come and see whether she’d enjoy running their lodge while they travel. Lexie’s life in Austin is the complete opposite of what she expects to find in the mountains, but she needs a change of scenery so she agrees to a trial run for a couple of months, until after the holidays.

You know how sometimes you meet someone and you just click? That’s what happens between Kyler and Lexie, just like Lexie’s family predicted. Both women are convinced this connection they feel is friendship, which is all they want, but when colours are a little brighter, the air a little sharper, the smells a little sweeter when you experience them with that new friend, it’s usually called falling in love, whether you’re ready for it or not. Lexie is aware that one of the reason she’s enjoying this new place and such a different way of life is Kyler, and neither can deny the attraction, but if Lexie fights it so hard, it’s because she really does need a friend. She needs to reevaluate her life and her wants and desires, and is weary of making what could be the right choices for the wrong reasons.

Besides chemistry, which she writes very convincingly, Gerri Hill always excels at describing nature and everything that there is to love in nature (that’s one of the things I liked most when I was translating Storms), and it’s once again one of the strongest points of this book.

The Stars at Night is a light and quick read, full of joy and feelings and not a lot of angst. It’s sexy and mellow, romantic and flirty. Exactly what I want to read on a rainy day.


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