Unbreakable – Cari Hunter

I was so impatient to read this book that I couldn’t wait for the audiobook, even though I know I will love Nicola Victoria Vincent’s narration and voices for all the characters. It will be in my ears as soon as it’s available.

No one would ever expect Elin Breckenridge to kidnap a doctor. Under the threat of a gun, Dr Grace Kendal agrees to help out as Elin tries to race against time. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Safia Faris is charged with solving a murder turned kidnapping turned even worse.

This new novel is everything I’ve come to expect from Cari Hunter. It’s captivating, it’s well-written, it’s smart, it’s funny when the reader needs to breathe a little, and the characters are ordinary people entangled in extraordinary circumstances, wonderfully human and flawed and endearing and I love them.

Hunter writes of connection rather than lust. Unbreakable isn’t a romance novel, don’t expect detailed steamy sex scenes. The focus of the story is elsewhere, but it doesn’t mean nothing’s happening in the heart department.

Telling the story from the POV of the three main characters is genius. Focusing on Elin and Grace would have been harrowing and getting to see the outside gives perspective, as well as lighter moments. Safia’s relationship with her girlfriend Kami is very sweet, and I also enjoyed her friendship with her colleague Suds a lot. Of course, it reminded me of Sanne and Nelson in the Dark Peak trilogy, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I don’t want to say too much about Grace and Elin, about why Elin is acting the way she is, Grace’s reactions, the way their relationship evolves. The story takes place over a pretty short period, and it could be boring since the characters spend quite a lot of time waiting but on the contrary, it’s thrilling. The pacing is perfect and even the quiet moments are meaningful.

Hunter excels at police procedurals, gloomy weather, and human relationships, and this book has it all. If you loved the Dark Peak series, you’ll love this too. If you’ve never read a book by Cari Hunter, this one is a good place to start.


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