Harrington House (Harrington House Ghost Hunters, #1) – J.P. Noether

This story feels like a teaser for something. It efficiently sets the scene but it’s way too short to be satisfying.

Laren is a promising MC. She’s just out of what sounds like an emotionally abusive relationship, which left her insecure on many levels. She’s an artist and works in customer service to pay the bills, and she seems level-headed enough to not believe in ghosts. So when she starts worrying about the house she’s now living in being haunted for real, I trust her.

I’m not sure what to think of the other MC, Casey. They don’t get enough page time for me to get an idea of who they are, beyond being nonbinary, an electrician, and apparently very much the kind of person Laren is attracted to. I hope we get a follow-up soon in which their character isn’t as fleeting.

3 stars

Harrington House @ Smashwords

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