Turbulence – E.J. Noyes & Abby Craden (narrator)

I read this book years ago (maybe not years but for me, more than a couple of months ago is years ago) and had never found the time to listen to the audiobook version. After introducing my wife to audiobooks with Satisfaction Guaranteed, written by Karelia Stetz-Waters and narrated by Lori Prince on the first leg of our little road trip, I had to give her the gift of one of the best combos, E. J. Noyes and Abby Craden. She’s heard me praise Craden’s narrations for a while now, so we drove home listening to the queen telling Isabelle and Audrey’s story.

Isabelle Rhodes isn’t used to one-night stands. In fact, she never had one-night stands until now. And she loved it and said goodbye only to find out that the woman who made her feel so good last night is Audrey Graham, the new pilot of her jet. Isabelle tries to fight the obviously mutual attraction, not completely comfortable with the idea of dating one of her employees, but when Audrey suggests keeping things casual, Isabelle can’t resist. Feelings will be caught on the way, as feelings tend to do.

I write this every time I review one of her books but it’s true and I feel the need to repeat it: E. J. Noyes is one of the best authors at the moment, in wlw fiction but not only. And Abby Craden is one of the best narrators. I’ve been told there’s no such thing as too sexy, yet I have on occasion been distracted from the story by Craden’s voice, most notably in Noyes’s Ask Me Again. That’s absolutely not a problem here. Turbulence is full of sexiness and Craden is perfect. My wife called her a Rolls Royce and it’s accurate.

It’s funny how sometimes when I love a book I don’t have so much to say about it except that I love it, it was fun, it was extremely sexy, it was perfect. I had forgotten Isabelle’s mother and I loved getting to know her again. I also loved Abby Craden’s accent for her. I loved everything, to be honest. That’s a lot of love in not many sentences but it’s all true.


Turbulence @ Libro.fm / amazon

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