Satisfaction Guaranteed – Karelia Stetz-Waters & Lori Prince (narrator)

3.5⭐️ – My wife and I went on a little road trip for the first time in forever and because we hadn’t travelled in a while, we weren’t as prepared as we usually are. We always download podcasts we like to listen to together but not this time, and my wife suggested we tried one of my audiobooks. Now, she isn’t an audiobook addict like me, I think she’d tried once before but she’s always on the move, always busy and audiobooks don’t fit the way she lives.

Listening with someone makes it a very different experience. I loved listening with her and it turns out she likes listening while driving. And it was fun to discuss the book as we went along. She usually reads books I recommend but by the time she’s ready to talk about them, I often don’t remember enough.

Time to get to the book itself. Cade Elgin is the straight-laced child of two very excentric parents. Officially she’s an accountant but she’s really the one who made their respected art gallery what it is, the one with the eye for talent. At her aunt Ruth’s funeral, Cade meets Selena Mathis, whose eulogy of the deceased delights Cade’s parents as much as it surprises Cade. It’s not every day the deceased clit’s mentioned at their funeral, to be fair. When the two women conjointly inherit Ruth’s business, their reactions are complete opposites. Selena sees the opportunity for a new life while Cade has trouble picturing herself as the co-owner of a sex shop. The bad news is, they have a month to straighten the shop’s finances or they will lose it, as well as Ruth’s house, which would leave Selena both jobless and homeless.

Satisfaction Guaranteed is my first novel by Karelia Stetz-Waters, and while I didn’t love everything, I’m looking forward to reading more of her books. It’s a fun opposites-attract romance with endearing characters. It’s cute and often funny, and Lori Prince’s narration is fittingly facetious. The pace felt a bit slow around the middle of the story, then it picked up again. I liked the storyline about Selena’s paintings very much. Selena is a lot more complex and Cade a lot more fun than they first appear to be, and the chemistry between them is believable and exciting. The secondary characters aren’t as interesting or layered as I hoped they would be, however. With all the sex talk, you’d expect a fast burn and some steam but it was a lot more amusing than hot.


Satisfaction Guaranteed @ audible

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