Shaken or Stirred (A Swizzle Stick Romance, Book 1) – Georgia Beers

3.5⭐️ – Julia Martini’s whole life is the bar she bought from her uncle and which she feels a responsibility to her family to make thrive. Her father’s approval means the world to her and she really really doesn’t have time for a relationship. Which becomes a problem when Savannah McNally walks into Martini’s and Julia’s traitorous heart starts making demands.

Georgia Beers writes wonderful and relatable characters I can’t help root for even when they act as idiots. This book is absolute instalust, that second you see someone for the first time and your heart misses a beat. Because the author is Georgia Beers, it’s both hot and sweet.

Both MCs’ families are very important to the story, in different ways. Julia’s Italian family is huge and mostly supportive but her daddy issues tend to take over. By her side, always, are her cousins and best friends Vanessa and Amelia – who will star in future books. The trio of cousins is the family equivalent of the group of friends and I loved all three women. I’m looking forward to Amelia’s and Vanessa’s stories.

Savannah’s family has its own issues, her father is experiencing the first signs of dementia, her brother is failing at battling addiction and her younger sister seems to get along surprisingly well with their father’s new girlfriend, leaving Savannah unsettled.

I really enjoyed getting to know both families and the way Beers writes the push and pull, the ambivalent feelings, the love and sense of duty her characters feel experience.

Honestly, this is not Beers’ best writing – and I’m going to blame the pandemic for that. Even so, it’s all very charming and the characters are endearing enough that I’m really looking forward to the other two books in this series.


Shaken or Stirred @ Bold Strokes Books

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