Pas de deux – E.J. Noyes & Abby Craden (narrator)

E. J. Noyes and Abby Craden, need I say more? I loved this book when I read it, but the timing wasn’t the best and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. I knew the audiobook would fix it, and when Rach at Les Rêveur asked if I wanted to review it, I jumped at the chance (our joint review is here).

Abby Craden’s narration is wonderful as usual, even if she struggles a little with some of the French terms, but who cares. It’s not like there’s any French character anyway, and she pronounces them the way most Americans would. Since the characters are American, it’s perfect.

One of the reasons why I love audiobooks is that of course, it’s a totally different experience but also, what catches my attention when I read and when I listen isn’t always the same. And while I loved this story already, I completely rediscovered it in Abby Craden’s narration. And I’m not going to lie, the first night Addie and Caitlyn spend together registered in a whole new way when read by Craden. It’s true of many other scenes but that one blew me away.

I loved Addie’s smooth, honey-like voice. Caitlyn’s tension when she’s worried about Dewey or protecting her heart contrast nicely with all the moments when she’s relaxed and happy. She gets bold with Addie when she feels safe and that boldness is reflected in her voice.

Whatever didn’t work one hundred percent for me in that first reading is long forgotten, and I don’t even know why I thought it was a 4.5⭐️ book. I’m upgrading the initial rating to the full 5⭐️ it deserves.

Read my review of Pas de Deux, the book.


Pas de Deux @ audible

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