Sliced Ice – Lee Winter

Tipsy lizard for the win! Okay, that’s not what this book is about but I loved this sentence and just had to use it.

Sliced Ice is a collection of ten short stories, displaying every facet of Lee Winter’s talent: comedy, banter, steamy scenes… Even though they weren’t written specifically as a collection, they work really well together, completing and balancing one another.

Almost all these stories were already available, either in collections or as freebies to subscribers to Lee Winter’s mailing list (if you’re not a subscriber yet, give it a try, it’s a good one), but having them together is really nice. And getting more time with characters from books you’ve loved is always a treat. Get ready for Elena and Maddie from The Brutal Truth, Bess and Summer from Breaking Character, Natalya and Allison from Requiem for Immortals, Catherine and Lauren from The Red Files, as well as side characters like Cynthia and Suze from Under Your Skin, and – cherry on the cake – Winter’s First-Class Villains upstaging each other. And if you loved Monique Carson in Hotel Queens, the one brand new story is for you. With Monique being one of the main characters, you wouldn’t be wrong to expect it to be hot. Like really really hot.

If you’re impatiently looking forward to Lee Winter’s next book, The Awkward Truth, these should tide you over till it’s released.


Sliced Ice @ Ylva Publishing

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