Catch Lili Too (Gamin Immortals #1) – Sophie Whittemore

Catch Lili Too is wonderfully weird, with a Buffy/Wynonna Earp vibe. It’s grisly and gory and super fun.

For reasons she can’t explain, Lili, an asexual Siren struggling with depression, finds herself investigating multiple murders in a small town called Gamin, after discovering a brand new ghost in the room she was about to stay in at the local inn. Even though she’s committed her fair share of horrible crimes – hence the depression, the serial killer she’s looking for terrifies her more than she wants to admit. Maybe because in the process, she inadvertently started caring for the motley crew of locals she’s stuck with: the ghost, the inn teenage owners (a trans necromancer with ADHD and his lesbian sister), and others on the way. Diversity is key, in gender/sexual orientation as well as in supernatural and undead creatures: besides the Siren and the ghost, there are necromancers, a vampire, a shapeshifter, a gangshi, witches…

This book is so different from what I’m used to – and I read in most genres – that I’m not sure how to explain why I enjoyed it so much. There’s a lot of action, some soul-searching, the beginning of what could be a really sweet romance, unexpectedly lovable characters and a fantastic sense of humour.

Catch Lili Too was going to be 5* until a few chapters before the end when I felt it starting to drag a little. It got a bit too serious, forgetting the humour that made is so delightful until then. Despite this, I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.


Read Catch Lili Too:

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