Breathe – Cari Hunter & Nicola Victoria Vincent (narrator)

2021 didn’t start in the best way, since on January 1st, my e-reader decided to shut down suddenly. Despite my best efforts, it still won’t charge and my computer won’t detect it anymore. Which (until I remembered I had an old e-reader I could use until I found another solution) left me with audiobooks. Between the e-reader fail and other private drama, I needed to start the year with something I knew would satisfy both my brain and my heart. Cari Hunter’s books do that, every time. And, as strange as it may sound, I find them comforting. They’re warm books, despite the cold and rain of the settings. Not the stories and crimes they tell, but the people. They care, they’re kind, they try their best. They give me hope. Choosing Breathe was a no-brainer.

Breathe was my first book by Cari Hunter, back in 2019. Since then, I’ve read a lot more but still not all of them, because, for all the reasons listed above, I like the idea that I have more to look forward to (and there’s a new one, Unbreakable, coming out in way too many months).

There’s not much I can add to my original review, I loved the audiobook version as much as I loved reading the book, with the added pleasure of an excellent narration. Book-wise, this was the best way to get the new year back on track.

Read my review of Breathe, the book.


Breathe @ amazon


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