Fire on the Ice (Snow & Ice Games #4) – Tamsen Parker & Jill Smith (narrator)

Tamsen Parker doesn’t write a lot of lesfic but when she does, wow is it hot! And so much fun. Despite being part of the Snow & Ice Games series, Fire on the Ice, the only f/f romance of the series, can be read as a standalone.

Blaze Bellamy, the most scandalous member of the U. S. short track speed skating team, and Maisy Harper, a Canadian figure skater, had a fling at the last Snow and Ice Games four years ago, mostly as a fun way to get over the disappointment of neither winning any medal. At the next edition, both hope to pick up where they left off.

The first part of the story, perfectly narrated by Jill Smith, is focused on Blaze and Maisy reacquainting themselves with one another, and with one another’s body. In short, it’s mostly sex. Hot, steamy, creative and accessorised sex. But the more time they spend together, the more their feelings for each other start peeking out, even though neither wants to acknowledge them.

It’s a classic case of opposites attract. Blaze is a brazen extrovert polyamorous pansexual who will do anything to bring attention to her sport. She’s out, proud and loud. She loves sex and attention and will not let anyone make her feel bad about either. Maisy is shy and a prude, partly as a result of her overbearing parents’ conservative education. She loves skating but her parents took the joy out of it and she doesn’t enjoy the attention competing brings. And yet with Blaze, she can be free and delightfully dominating.

When I started thinking about what to write in this review, what kept coming to mind was how gleefully sexy this story is. It’s exactly what I remember enjoying in my first book by Ms Parker, In Her Court. The chemistry between the characters is tremendous and the sex is pure joy. Sure, the conflict is expected and resolved a bit fast, but none of that ruined my fun. And as is often the case in erotic romance, there’s more to the story than it seems.

If you’re in the mood for an entertaining and light read with a decent amount of angst, give this book a try. And I really recommend listening to it, as the narration is excellent.


Fire on the Ice @ audible

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