Traveller: A Ríona Kilbride Novel – Caitríona Page

Ríona and her mother moved from Ireland to Nebraska after Ríona’s father was killed in a fire. All Ríona has left of him is his fiddle (not a violin). Now a music student a few weeks from graduating, Ríona has to reinvent her life without her mother and away from the farm she grew up in. Van life calls to her. It so happens that Ríona’s best friend Jordan’s cousin has a van she’s ready to pass on to her. Getting the van ready for the road is not all Ríona will learn with Tomi.

First things first, I really liked this book. I like Ríona and her journey to finding and accepting herself. I like Jordan, I like Tomi, I even liked Zach, Jordan’s asshole brother, by the end. I also liked the writing a lot. There’s something languid about it, something poetic and different. It’s rather beautiful but it took some getting used to.

There are clearly editing and formatting issues but for some reason, they didn’t bother me as much as they should have. They somehow fit the writing and the story. The whole thing is free and messy, not always coherent but intriguing. Just like the story it tells.


Traveller @ Caitríona Page’s website

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