Masquerade – Madeleine Taylor

4.5⭐️ – A good debut novel could be a one-time wonder. When the second novel is of the same quality, you start thinking, this author could become a must-read. By the third book, you know. Madeleine Taylor just entered that category.

Ivy Giacometti, a nightclub singer from New York, is in New Orleans visiting her best friend Tessa. In an effort to show Ivy what her new city has to offer, Tessa takes her to a women-only masked party. When it turns out they weren’t exactly invited, Ivy is irritated but her annoyance doesn’t last long as a mysterious woman claims them as her guests. A night of delight and discovery begins for Ivy…

It only takes Taylor a couple of sentences to envelop the reader in the exciting and intriguing atmosphere of Countess Montgomery’s unusual party. The trance-like ambiance is tangible and Ivy’s keen anticipation is contagious.

With Masquerade, Madeleine Taylor gives readers what we have come to expect: a hot fling between two gorgeous and lovely women – one more experienced than the other, both willing to push boundaries – that turns into romance, much to their surprise. There’s no real angst, the tiniest conflict and the only real mystery is how many orgasms the heroine will get in a single night and the path the characters will take to realise they want more than that one night.

As with The Good Girl and Online, Madeleine Taylor gets the job done with effective writing, sexy characters and steamy sex scenes. Masquerade is hot, fun and exciting in many ways. The audiobook version should be thrilling too.


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