Naughty List: A Short Story – K.C. Luck & Jacinda Sinclair (Narrator)

I don’t have much time right now to listen to audiobooks (my list is getting soooo long) and I really miss it. So yesterday, when I realised I had a free hour, I jumped at the chance to get to this short story, which I’ve been wanting to hear for many months.

It was the perfect moment. I was trying to stay awake after a too-short night, and, trust me, it totally woke me up.

Holly is moping about since her girlfriend broke up with her. In an effort to move on, she has decided to get her Christmas lights up and has hired someone called Gary to do it for her. Surprise, Gary couldn’t make it and his sister shows up instead. A hot and handsome butch, Nic is exactly Holly’s type. And Holly seems to be exactly Nic’s type too.

Naughty List is a very sexy and much too short story. It’s a lot of fun, despite the narration being a touch stilted at first.


Naughty List @ Lesbian audiobooks

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