Dirt Nap (Curtis and Reynolds #2) – Carolyn Elizabeth & Lori Prince (narrator)

Thayer and Corey are one of my favourite couples and that probably explains why I think of Carolyn Elizabeth’s books as mostly happy.

Even though this one begins with a reminder of Corey’s injuries from Gallows Humor and a grisly crime scene and is full of gory and crawly details. I just love the relationship between the two women and I love Lori Prince’s voices for them. I’m not as convinced with her men’s voices in this book, but I didn’t really mind. And my heart totally melted each time Thayer talked to Corey, even more than in the first audiobook.

As I wrote in my review when this book came out last January, this is exactly what I hope from a sequel: it’s like the first book in the series, only better. And the audio was just as good.

Read my review of the book.


Dirt Nap @ Audiobooks.com

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