Coming Home – KJ & Ruth Guice (narrator)

I loved Coming Home when I first read it and for the life of me, I can’t understand why I gave it only 4*. The audiobook version is just as good so I’m upgrading it to the 5* I should have rated it in the first place.

Since I already reviewed the story, I’ll just say that chapter 18 broke my heart all over again, then focus on the narration. I loved it. It’s Ruth Guice’s first audiobook, and I guess it shows a little in some of the pauses that are a tad too long, or a couple of instances where the pace slows down a bit, but it really doesn’t matter when everything else is so freaking good. Sam’s voice is awesome, just as sweet as I imagined, Grace’s sounds like the adorable kid she is and Abigail’s voice is perfectly sexy, as befits a Hollywood superstar.

KJ is an Australian author, and the story is set in Melbourne, so she went with an Australian voice-over artist, which pleases my ears a lot. I hope Ms Guice keeps narrating lesfic, KJ’s other books of course, but also various authors’, because she’s a real find. She brought tears to my eyes quite a few times, and managed to bring even text messages to life. That’s serious talent.

Read my review of the book.


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