Hero(ine) Addict – Blythe H. Warren

Not all heroes wear capes. Nor are they all good people.

Harper’s girlfriend Caroline is a pediatric oncologist so of course work is her priority. Harper is fine with this, even though she sometimes wishes they had time for more than just sex, albeit hot sex. She’d like to be able to talk about her day at the job she hates or the volunteering she loves. When a friend from work invites the couple to dinner at a fancy restaurant, Harper decides to attend despite Caroline cancelling once again at the almost last minute. Harper’s evening is saved by Eliot, a late arrival at the dinner and the only person to pay attention to her. After spending the day at the hospital with her seven-year-old niece, Eliot, a comic book artist, doesn’t really feel like socializing and things get worse when her best friend volunteers her to help out Harper with a fundraiser she’s organizing.

At first I found Harper a little too naive to be true. Then I thought maybe she’s simply a good person, someone who sees the best in people and wants to do the right thing. She’s so busy looking up to her unappreciative girlfriend that she doesn’t see she’s as worthy of respect and love as anyone else. Eliot is a sweetheart too, and I really liked both families around them. There could have been more character-development, however. Eliot and Harper are sweet but one-dimensional. And the conflicts resolve themselves a bit too quickly.

This is my third book by this author, and despite those remarks, I really like the way she writes, the characters she gives life to and the stories she tells. If you haven’t read them yet, I recommend Bait and Switch and My Best Friend’s Girl. While Hero(ine) Addict fell a smidge short, it’s nevertheless a cute and nice read.

3 stars

Hero(ine) Addict @ Bella Books

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