Lucky – Kris Bryant

It’s funny how some things I always notice in books while others don’t really register. I’ve read quite a few books by Kris Bryant and never paid attention to the fact they were all written in first person. I probably never would have realised this one was different if other reviewers hadn’t pointed it out or if the author hadn’t mentioned it in the acknowledgements, crediting Melissa Brayden for pushing her. Lucky is such a smooth read, it never felt like Kris Bryant was challenging herself. So yeah, Ms Bryant, not only can you say you did it, you can also say you did it remarkably well.

Serena Evans’s life so far has been really tough. She grew up with an alcoholic mother, had to forget about higher studies so she could be there for her half-sister and is still reeling from breaking up with her toxic girlfriend. On a whim, she buys a lottery ticket with the money she would usually spend on a Diet Coke and promptly forgets about it. Then wins an insane amount of money.

Gabrielle Barnes is in the running to become the new partner at the Denver architect firm she’s worked for for a decade. The pet hotel project she’s been assigned in Vail is her chance to prove herself. She won’t let anything get in the way of her dream, neither her dog phobia nor the phenomenal chemistry with her sweet and sexy client. Until said chemistry turns into irresistible attraction.

I’m going to keep this review short: this book is delightful. I don’t have much else to write about it. It’s a pretty straightforward story told very efficiently, evoking pretty straightforward feelings. It’s well-written as are all Kris Bryant’s books. The characters – both main and secondary, including the furry ones – are wonderful (I loved coming across Piper and Shaylie from Falling), there’s just the right amount of angst and the sexy scenes are really hot. It’s Kris Bryant, you guys, no surprise there.

So be kind to yourself, buy this book, get a cold drink or a mug of tea depending on the weather where you are and let yourself enjoy the warm, tender and fluffy bubble you’ll be surrounded by in no time.


Lucky @ Bold Strokes Books


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