Magic, Murder & Mistletoe (Cupcakes and Sorcery #1) – Ellen Jane

This is a sweet cozy mystery with witches and sorcerers and a side of romance.

Heather is an adorable (and quite powerful) culinary witch, who helps people find missing objects. While on a job, she witnesses the murder of the Earl of Denbigh. Since a charm seems to have been used for the crime, she and the only other magic person in the room, a beautiful and elegant sorcerer named Sinéad, are arrested. Proving their innocence is quite easy, but when Sinéad wants to find out who committed the murder and pinned it on her, Heather can’t stop herself from offering her help. Even though witches and sorcerers don’t get along that well.

For such a short story, the mystery works quite well, and there’s plenty of time for the characters to develop. Heather is earnest and optimistic, while Sinéad is sharp-tongued yet kind. I’m looking forward to meeting with them again in book 2, A Hive of Secrets and Spells.


Magic, Murder & Mistletoe @ amazon

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