Party of Three – Sandy Lowe & Lori Prince (narrator)

Lori Prince narrating Sandy Lowe is a match made in heaven. I think I liked Party of Three even better as an audiobook than when I read it. Actually, I don’t think, I know I did, which is why I’m upgrading it from 4* to 5*. Prince has a gift for voicing ironic and self-deprecating inner thoughts and there are plenty of those in this story. She’s also excellent at sexy scenes, and there are plenty of those too. Another thing I love with Lori Prince is that you always know who’s talking, even when, like here, there are sometimes many characters, most of them women.

As I wrote in my first review, as steamy as they are, the stories told in Party of Three are also unexpectedly romantic. One evening, three friends, three love stories. And serious fun.


Party of Three @ Lesbian audiobooks

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