Iron & Velvet (Kate Kane, Paranormal Investigator #1) – Alexis Hall

Kate Kane (not Batwoman) is a London PI with a complex backstory. Her partner was killed and it seems she was responsible, one of her exes is a vampire, another is a Witch Queen, she swears she’ll never get involved with another vampire but never say never, eh? So when a werewolf is murdered and Kate is asked by a Vampire Prince (who would be a princess if she wasn’t a vampire, I guess) to investigate, she agrees and tries hard (not really) to resist her employer’s charms.

I know it’s unfair but I’m always a little biased against lesfic books written by men. It’s not that they’re men per se, it’s more that I worry about the male gaze, whether it’s in books, movies or TV series. Plus there are so many good books written by women (most of whom are wlw), they’re usually my priority. So many books, so little time, you know?

With this one, I was misled by the author’s name but it was a perfectly fun read anyway. I enjoyed the tone and the tongue-in-cheek humor. I liked the whole film noir and femme fatale feel of it. It was a bit like a Raymond Chandler novel but with vampires, witches and werewolves. And lesbians. It’s funny and sexy and action-packed. In the end, that’s all I care about. I am therefore totally looking forward to book 2.


Iron & Velvet @ Carina press

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