Vanlife – Nicolette Dane

After a couple of emotionally intense books, I needed something light and easy. This book was free on Amazon (thank you Nicolette Dane) and the reviews led me to believe it would do the job. And it did in a way, though it’s not as light as I thought it would be.

Julia has left what others might see as a successful life to live in a van. The excesses of her previous life got to be too much for her and she’s enjoying getting by with the bare necessities, house sitting from time to time and doing odd jobs. One evening when she’s bartending in Madison, she meets Robin. Robin has just lost her job, and after her one-night-stand with Julia, she knows she can’t pretend to be straight anymore. So when Julia agrees to take her along and drive her to North Carolina to come out to her parents, Robin is elated to try vanlife.

Maybe it’s because I have read a few very well-written books in a row but the writing here didn’t do it for me. It’s okay, but not exciting. The story is deeper than it might seem at first glance and there is real character growth. The whole gun episode left me with an uneasy feeling yet it was probably necessary for the story to move on.

All in all, an okay read.

3 stars

Vanlife @ amazon

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