Heartsick – Tracey Richardson & C.C. Sinclair (narrator)

Edit: I read this book first, in April 2019, then listened to the audiobook a few months later, in August. The good thing about a patchy memory is that even if I’ve already read a novel, it feels new to me most times. I remembered how Angie and Vic had met but that’s about all.


Here’s what I wrote on April 20th: « Despite the way it starts (with a double infidelity), this is a real feel-good story. There’s not much I can add to the other reviews, but if you’re into medical romances, this is a good one. »

I’ll go a little further than that in this new review.

Angie, a paramedic, is called to a car accident. The passenger of the car happens to be her girlfriend, who’s not supposed to be in an unknown woman’s car. The woman is not unknown to Vic, the ER doctor waiting for the ambulance at the hospital: she’s her wife. At first Angie doesn’t want anything to do with Vic, and the feeling is mutual, each more or less consciously blaming the other for their couple’s failure. But they soon find out they get on really well, and slowly and reluctantly fall for each other. Falling for your ex’s new girlfriend’s ex is not an easy situation to navigate.

There’s a lot of angst in this story. I love angst when it’s not artificially created by the author, and in this story, it stems from the way Vic and Angie met, the double betrayal they suffered. It’s a very very slow burn romance, with great chemistry and flirtation. And C. C. Sinclair’s efficient narration makes it even better.

Tracey Richardson is usually a sure bet. Her only flaw, if you can call it that, is that sometimes you think you’re at the end of the story and find out there are at least 25 pages left. Twice. You know how some authors rush the ending? She’s the opposite. Can you really fault an author for being too generous? No, not really.

Heartsick @ Bella Books / @ Lesbian audiobooks

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