Confessions from a Coffee Shop (Confessions #1) – T.B. Markinson & Lori Prince (narrator)

I really like Cori. I didn’t think that would happen with one of T.B. Markinson’s characters since, as I wrote before, they’re usually too real and flawed for me to like them. I enjoy reading about them but I wouldn’t want them as friends. Yet there’s something different about Cori. She’s awkward and self-deprecating in just the right way to make her endearing. She’s also quite annoying, privileged and not always aware of how much. But I don’t know, I like her anyway. At least, she tries. Lori Prince’s narration is definitely responsible for a big part of it. Her voice and tone are perfect for Cori.

Another huge part of Cori’s appeal is her family and their interactions. Her mother loves embarrassing her with talk of sex, prompting this kind of reaction: « The woman across the table gave birth to me, and I’m still traumatized by being that close to her vagina ». I had to stop the audiobook and write that sentence down, that’s how much I laughed.

In book 0, Confessions from the Heart, Cori fell in love with Kat. Three years later, life is not as beautiful as it was. Cori is struggling to finish her first novel and juggling jobs to support Kat’s art… and her shopping addiction. Then a former classmate of Cori’s enters the picture. Samantha was a cheerleader in high school and Cori’s biggest crush at the time. So of course it creates friction between Cori and Kat. Neither dares really question the other about what bothers them. It doesn’t help that Cori’s parents act even weirder than usual and that Kat’s father, the nefarious Phineas Finn, keeps interfering.

There’s not much happening in this book, which might sound negative but isn’t. There’s no big revelation, no plot twist. It’s mostly day to day in the life of Cori and Kat, their families and friends and, strangely enough, it’s not boring at all. Once again, this book stresses the importance of communication. Secrets usually cause trouble. But they make for good stories…

And I already praised Lori Prince’s narration but it has to be said again: her voice for Kat is the sexiest.


Confessions from a Coffee Shop @ Lesbian audiobooks

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