Summer Desires – Emily King

Very delicate to review. Some parts are very good and some are really not. I had to make myself keep reading after a while (it’s a rather short book) but then there was real chemistry between the characters in their first sex scene, which was pretty well-written, so it made me curious to see where it would go from there.

Sarah is a math teacher with a very rich and superficial ex. Amy comes from a pretty well-off family of car dealers. She’s good at selling cars but her dream has always been to be a lifeguard and she has decided to act on that dream, much to her family’s disappointment. When she first meets Sarah, Amy is kinda rude to her but she’s so hot Sarah wants to try again. The second time is not much better.

I couldn’t relate to the characters for various reasons, the main one being that they have both suffered from being judged on their looks yet all they care about is the other’s body. Also, a couple of misunderstandings can be fun but too many gets annoying.

There were other problems too, such as too many details at times (Amy’s explanation of what the junior lifeguard program was felt like reading a press release, for example), and many instances of more telling than showing.

I hate it when I don’t like a book, I know how much work and love most authors put into their writing, and publishers too, but I can’t recommend this one when there are so many good novels out there.

2 stars

Summer Desires @ Bella Books

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