Chord – Chelsea M. Cameron & Sophie Daniels (narrator)

As with Style, this is a simple story of two people falling in love. There’s not a lot of angst within the relationship itself, it’s more everyday-life angst: first time away from home, coming out to yourself and others, falling in love for the first time, that kind of stuff, along with Chase’s anxiety and Cordelia’s panic attacks. Not everything is easy but there are no external problems. And it feels good. Being able to see these two nice young women (they’re 18) fall in love and discover who they are or might be is a real treat.

Another thing I like about Cameron’s books is that not everybody is white and valid. This is only the second one I’ve read (or rather listened to) so maybe I’m being optimistic about all her books being the same on that front but it feels too natural to simply be a plot to tick all the boxes. Also, the whole labels thing was on point.

Sophie Daniels’ narration is perfect, too.


Chord @ audible

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