Party of Three – Sandy Lowe

[Edit: October 14th 2019] Lori Prince narrating Sandy Lowe is a match made in heaven. Read my review for the audiobook version here, and find out why I upgraded this book from 4* to 5*.

As you might have guessed from the title (sometimes, titles are helpful like that), this book is about three friends and the night that changes their lives for the better, at their former schoolmate Eleanor’s twenty-fifth birthday party. At first I was a bit worried about it being written in three parts, as that sort of structure often feels artificial, but Lowe makes it work, and each part flows into the next naturally.

At the center of the first one is Sarah, whose ex really shattered her self-confidence, making her believe she’s not sexy and not worth of anyone’s attention beyond casual sex. Sexy and tender Ryan is the one who will help her build that confidence back. The second part is about Avery and her long-time crush on Spencer, Eleanor’s younger sister, who’s studying to become a sex therapist. The last part centers around Kaitlyn and her high school sweetheart, the one who broke her heart.

I know some reviewers were a little offended by some of the words the author uses or certain situations but I didn’t really notice them while I was reading. Some things didn’t work for me but they didn’t bother me either.

If you’re looking for a fun and light read with a few sharp bits, this is it. Of course it’s steamy hot, but it’s also pretty romantic in its own way. Come for the sex, stay for the romance or come for the romance, stay for the sex, either way you win.


Party of Three @ Bold Strokes Books

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