Leaving Bree – Claire Highton-Stevenson

3.5⭐️ – Bree isn’t a celebrity but a cardiologist yet she is being stalked and struggles to escape her (legitimate) fears. The only place she seems to find peace is in the pathologist’s office. Bree and Morgan become BFFs then more but don’t really realize it. When Bree gets pregnant and decides to marry the father of her child, Morgan is devastated and leaves for a quieter life in the mountains. But fate (or rather their families and friends) wants them together.

Whereas the whole stalker part didn’t work for me since I kept forgetting about the guy, I loved that both MCs’ mothers plotted to get them together. I was sorry for Maggie, though, who deserved better (so did Tony but he also did screw up).

There’s something frustrating about this novella, some scenes (especially in the first chapters) feel a bit short, ending abruptly on some kind of punchline when they could have gone on a little longer. Everything feels very final between Bree and Morgan at first, when they could have understood each other better if only they had talked 5 or 10 more minutes. Then again, there would have been no story to tell if they had, I guess. And then when they finally find their way to each other, we don’t get to witness their first kiss. I love first kisses, that first time everything comes together. 

I nevertheless quite enjoyed this short and unexpectedly light read, thanks mostly to very endearing characters, both the main ones and those around them.

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