Echo Point – Virginia Hale

This ended way too soon, I wasn’t ready to let go. Oh well.

I read this book a year ago almost to the day, and I remembered I’d liked it well enough to give it 4*. I didn’t write a review at the time though. So here I am, giving it 4* again. The reason I reread Echo Point is that after the emotional whirlwind of The Secret Chord, I wanted more of Virginia Hale‘s stories. She’s really good at building tension and has a thing for forbidden (or perceived as forbidden) love. Her writing is really good in a no-frill way, and I love the characters she creates. They feel very real, with strengths and weaknesses, pasts and mistakes, desires and passion. 

And while the premise of this novel is awfully sad (the death of Bron’s sister and Ally’s best friend), the book itself isn’t. On the contrary, it’s full of hope and life and joie de vivre. Very well-done.

Echo Point @ Bella Books

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