Cause and Affection – Sheryl Wright

Kara Wexler is so fed up with the way her father treats her, both professionally and personally, that she’s ready to quit her job altogether, even if it means leaving her sister and brother to fend for themselves. Not wanting her to go, her siblings devise a plan to get her to relax and overthrow their father as the company’s CEO. That’s how Madeleine Jessepp, a down-on-her-luck actress, finds herself acting as Kara’s « fantasy date ».

When I started reading, I was rather uncomfortable. Which is good in a way, one should be uncomfortable when reading about someone being conned into falling for another woman. I wasn’t too sure about the straight woman thing either. Madeleine’s initial lesbophobia made me cringe a few times. I know it was meant to illustrate her journey from clueless straight woman to whatever but I’ve had enough of that in real life, I’m not sure I want too much of it in my romance.

I’m aware I’m mostly writing about negative things, yet all in all this was a pretty nice read. And I actually really liked most of what happened after the whole charade thing.

There’s something old-fashioned about this book, it reminds me of the novels I used to read 20 years ago, when there wasn’t as much choice in lesfic as there is nowadays. There’s something comforting in that, like going back to simpler times.

Cause and Affection @ Bella Books

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