A Clueless Woman (A Woman Lost, #0) – T.B. Markinson & Stephanie Murphy (narrator)

The narration didn’t work for me at all (it was too slow so I tried to adjust the speed and then it was too fast, and I also couldn’t help feeling the narrator’s voice was too « old », in a way, for the characters) so my opinion is probably tainted by that. I still enjoyed this, it just wasn’t the kind of voice and narration I like.

Anyway. While this might sound like a romance, it’s more about the difficulty of getting over an abusive relationship, of trusting again but also of talking about it, allowing others to know. The whole story between Lizzie and Sarah is sweet and lovely but the real story is Lizzie finding herself after the ex from hell.

The secondary characters have a real depth too, and have a real purpose in the story. I also like that the author gave Graves’ Disease to her main character, a condition she herself suffers from and knows well. It gave Lizzie another layer and at the same time educated me on this disease.

Now I’ll just have to read A Woman Lost again (I’ve read it before but my memory works in mysterious ways).

A Clueless Woman @ Lesbian Audiobooks

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