Ardulum: Third Don – J.S. Fields

[Edit: In hindsight, now that I’ve read the whole trilogy and the anthology Tales from Ardulum, giving these books 4* wasn’t fair so I went up to 5*. I’m happy now.]

In this third book in the Ardulum series, Atalant is an Eld trying to save both her planets, Neek and Ardulum, while Emn struggles to find her place on Ardulum. By their side, still, is Nicholas, growing into a very interesting character.

We also get to see the events from Ardulum: Second Don from Yorden’s point of view, and this side of the story explains a lot. In my review for Second Don, I wrote about how I knew I could no more see the whole picture than the characters. Now I know what happened and wow, I didn’t expect that (I’m not spoiling, read it). My heart was beating so fast at times, this trilogy is so exciting, in many ways. It’s well-paced, the world-building is excellent, the characters, both main and secondary, are fascinating.

Ardulum: Third Don @ NineStar Press

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