Erased – Robbi McCoy

Robbi McCoy is a very clever writer, with a solid way with words. I’ve liked all her books so far, and some I’ve loved, especially Something to Believe and Two on the Aisle. Erased is another win for me. Yet it took me a long time to decide to read it because I’m always wary when it comes to time traveling stories. I’m dyspraxic so time is already a strange concept to me. Add to that the fact that since one has to suspend disbelief to accept the idea of time travel, anything can happen, nothing is impossible nor too crazy. So I need to be in the right mainframe for that. But I read Bethany’s review a few days ago and remembered I had this ebook, and I am so glad I did!

Both main characters are really great, I was really rooting for them and hoping they’d find their way to each other again, and that Dani would survive the whole thing. It’s sci-fi (but only because of the time travel) mixed with mystery (mostly) and romance (of course). Very well done.

Erased @ Bella Books

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