For Her Consideration – Amy Spalding

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When her awful girlfriend broke up with her three years ago, she also took away whatever self-respect and confidence Nina Rice had to begin with. Convinced she only hurts the people she loves, Nina has become some sort of recluse, mostly working from home as an email ghostwriter for celebrities. One such email brings her back out of the suburbs and into L.A. where up-and-coming, out-and-proud actress Ari Fox proceeds to change her life.

It took about half the book for the story to really grab me but I found myself smiling and caring about what happened to the characters a lot more in the second half. Both MCs are sweet but I kept wanting to shake Nina and while Ari seems terrific, I never really got a full sense of who she is. The secondary characters save the book for me, from Nina’s aunt and her retirement community cronies to her group of friends and even her boss and boss’s assistant. Since the story is told from Nina’s POV, it makes sense that Ari’s entourage is more blurry but also explains why I didn’t feel the character as much.

I have the feeling that this book would have worked much better for me as an audiobook.

3 stars

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