Lines of Love (Memory’s Muses #3) – Brey Willows

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Another enjoyable book in the Memory’s Muses series. In this third instalment, the main character is Eris, the muse of love, who finds herself in the predicament of not believing in love anymore. It’s all the humans’ fault for being predictably disappointing and seriously, who can blame her? Quite a few people, it turns out. Things get messy when a disgruntled group decides to sue Eris, deeming her responsible for their failed love lives. Chaos ensues, in the midst of which Eris finds love and purpose again.

I never pictured the muse of love as a Harley-Davidson-riding butch, so that was interesting. All in all, Lines of Love was an easy and quick read, despite touching on complex topics.

3 stars

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