In the Shadow of Love (Shadow #2) – J.E. Leak & Abby Craden (narrator)

On a backdrop of book pages, an iPhone with the cover of In the Shadow of Love by J.E. Leak, narrated by Abby Craden. At the bottom of the image, a strip of torn paper with a quote: "Abby Craden nails the film noir mood." and a url:

I’m so ready for book 3! After loving In the Shadow of the Past and In the Shadow of Love in book form, I loved them again in audiobook, delightfully narrated by Abby Craden. Craden is always excellent but these books, and a handful of others I’ve listened to these last few years, could have been written for her voice. She nails the film noir mood and made me love both Jenny and Kat even more than I already did. I’m impatient to follow these two on their next adventure and will grab the book as soon as it’s available but I’m also one hundred per cent sure I’ll want to listen to the audiobook when it comes out.

Read my review of In the Shadow of Love, the book.


In the Shadow of Love @ amazon

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