Even Though I Knew the End – C.L. Polk & January LaVoy (narrator)

On a backdrop of book pages, an iPhone with the cover of the audiobook of Even Though I Knew the End by C. L. Polk, narrated by January LaVoy. At the bottom of the image, a strip of torn paper with a quote: "Everything about this novella is outstanding." and a url: judeinthestars.com.

For such a short read (or listen in my case), Even Though I Knew the End packs a punch. The worldbuilding is remarkable, the mood enthralling, the story captivating and brimming with twists. It starts three days before Helen Brandt is scheduled to die, having sold her soul ten years ago to save her brother’s life. One last job – going after the White City Vampire – could keep her out of hell and allow her to grow old with Edith, the love of her life.

Set in a magical version of Chicago in the 1940s, this audiobook, beautifully narrated by January LaVoy, has romance, mystery, demons and angels, sapphic love, family trouble, and so much more. It’s gritty and dark and gloriously heart-wrenching. The cover first caught my eye and now that I know what the story is about, I couldn’t imagine a better one for it. Honestly, everything about this novella is outstanding.


Even Though I Knew the End @ Libro.fm / Kobo / Scribd (get two free months) / amazon

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