Better Than Expected – Haley Cass

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I didn’t know I needed Hannah’s point of view but it turns out that I did. Need is probably too strong a word, let’s say it’s a treat. It’s not necessary but it makes the day sweeter.

Better Than Expected is really a companion novella to When You Least Expect It, don’t try reading it as a standalone. It started as a Patreon Christmas gift that is now available to all readers but it isn’t a whole, it’s a part. The beginning is brand new and awesome and I really wish the rest of the book was as well. As it is, most of it isn’t Hannah’s point of view in scenes from When You Least Expected but her reflections on them afterwards. If you don’t remember the scenes themselves, that’s too bad, they’re not in the book. I was, for example, looking forward to Hannah’s emotions and feelings during the weekend with Caroline’s friends. Having to refer to the original constantly kinda messed with the flow. That said, I enjoyed spending more time with beloved characters and getting a glimpse of what happened to them after the first book. Certainly a treat for fans of Haley Cass‘s books, who can also look forward to the audiobook, narrated by Lori Prince. 3.5⭐️


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