Cherry on Top – Georgia Beers & Lula Larkin (narrator)

On a backdrop of book pages, an iPhone with the cover of the audiobook of Cherry on Top by Georgia Beers, narrated by Lula Larkin. At the bottom of the image, a pink strip of torn paper with a quote: "You’re going to want to hear Lula Larkin narrate the first kiss." and a url:

Since I reviewed this book not very long ago, I’ll focus on the narration. And the review will be short: I loved it. Lula Larkin is quickly becoming one of my favourite narrators, which is a good thing as she’s narrating a lot of Bold Strokes books these days. The voices she gives the characters have substance and nuance and they fit perfectly. I think she made me like Cherry sooner than I did when I first read the story.

And do you remember what I wrote in my original review about Georgia Beers’ first kiss scenes being some of the best of the best? Yeah, you’re going to want to hear this one. 4.5⭐️

Read my review of Cherry on Top, the book.


Cherry on Top @ amazon

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