The Probability Of Love – Dena Blake

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Having to fly to Las Vegas at the last minute for a conference wasn’t Rachel’s plan. Thankfully, a fling with a bartender makes it all better. She didn’t expect them to click so well in such a short time. However, when they meet again by chance in Florida, they pick up where they left off. They try to keep it casual yet despite juggling conflicting schedules, feelings get involved.

You may remember Rachel from Just One Moment and Blair from Love by Proxy (which I haven’t read). The MCs from these two books are secondary characters in this one and while I don’t think you absolutely need to read those first, knowing the background always helps understand the dynamics at play. Rachel’s feelings for Shay interfere with her blooming attraction to Blair and add to the difficulty of coming to terms with said attraction. Blair’s relationship with Tess and Sophie is much more at peace.

As they try to find their way in a relationship neither of them dared hope for, both Rachel and Blair allow their insecurities to take over at times. At least, they take turns, which makes the other’s forgiveness believable. What’s nice, however, is that these outbursts lead to discussions. Not long ones, but enough to dissipate assumptions.

This was a mostly fun and interesting read. Sexy times abound and both MCs are relatable, normal people, with fears and hopes, and who screw up sometimes. That’s where the “mostly” above comes from. There were a few instances of intense cringe because yes, we all have our idiot moments, but they sound a lot less natural on paper than they do IRL.

All in all, however, The Probability of Love was an enjoyable read, a lazy Sunday kind of book. Avoid the official synopsis, though, it’s both inaccurate and spoilery. 3.5⭐️


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