The Tell Tale – Clare Ashton & Lucy Rayner (narrator)

As usual, when I review an audiobook after reading the book, I reread my initial review before writing this one. Good news, I still agree with what I wrote then, which isn’t much of a surprise since I adored this book. The atmosphere, the character development, the mystery, the twists, everything is as I remembered, clever and brilliant and, it seemed to me, even more so in audio. This was my first narration by Lucy Rayner and I needed a couple of chapters to get used to the lilt in her narrator voice, but once that happened, I loved everything: the voices, the variety of accents and mannerisms, the pace. Everything felt “more” but never too much, which is precisely what I hope for when listening to the audiobook of a book I’ve read and loved.

Read my review of The Tell Tale, the book.


The Tell Tale @ / Scribd (get two free months) / Kobo / amazon

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