Made for Me (New World #2) – Lily X

Running away from a scientist who wants to harness the powers of her tribe to create superbeings, Kit gets caught by Ana, who would rather do anything than kidnap pretty women. A retired Commander in the peacekeeping corps, the beast hybrid only accepted the job in the hopes of saving her brother’s life. Pretty soon, on the ship flying them to Sentinel 5, Kit comes to the realization that Ana is meant to be hers.

Even more than Stay With Me, this second book in the New World series is erotica with a sci-fi plot, with the accent clearly on erotica. What could have been a thrilling action scene is over in the blink of an eye, for example. Clearly, the author cares more about the relationship between the MCs than about the plot. And let’s be honest, said relationship – enemies to lovers who become lovers real quick – is hot, despite a definite element of omegaverse, which isn’t really my thing.

New World: Made for Me is fun to read but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the previous book, which set the universe and had a more intriguing premise. Lily X insists a lot on the size difference and with Ana calling Kit kitten and always thinking of her or talking to her as small or little, I got an uncomfortable feeling of a very young girl. Which Kit isn’t. She’s 28 and a schoolteacher. And an extremely powerful being. I was also surprised that the author named Kit’s tribe Maga, which I guess was chosen in relation to magic but still feels strange, as does the use of the word chakra. I think I understand what Lily X meant but one of the best things with sci-fi is the possibility to create new words and I wish she’d taken the opportunity instead of using one that means so much to an existing culture.

This story can be read as a standalone but knowing the world it’s set in will help. And there’s a cameo from the couple from Stay With Me that will add to the enjoyment. The third book, Own Me, will be released on October 18th.

3 stars

New World: Made for Me @ Kobo / amazon

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