The Other Side of Forestlands Lake – Carolyn Elizabeth & Amy Deuchler (narrator)

That awesome feeling of anticipation I often mention when writing about audio versions of books I’ve loved? It turns to dread when I know something tragic is about to happen.

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake is my favourite book by Carolyn Elizabeth so far (I haven’t read her latest one, The Raven and the Banshee, yet) and I was looking forward to the audio experience. Those first chapters though… I had a lump in my throat for a long time. Then the characters took over, as they had when I first read this book in 2020. I love them all, Elizabeth writes very relatable characters even when what they go through is very far from anything I’ve experienced.

It was only my second book narrated by Amy Deuchler and the first one was years ago, when I first started listening to audiobooks. She’s a good fit for the story, and I enjoyed the different voices. With two important characters being seventeen-year-olds and the MCs being adult women, she had to come up with four female voices that would be distinct enough and reflect the characters’ age and life experiences. Add to that quite a few secondary characters and I am once again in awe of what a good narrator brings to a story.

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The Other Side of Forestlands Lake @ / Scribd (click here to get two free months)/ amazon

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