The Flying Mermaid (Volcano Chronicles #1.5) – Eule Grey

I love Eule Grey’s style and I don’t know if I can explain what I love about it. All sorts of words come to mind: poetic, peculiar, epic. All sorts of images too. Fairytales, the original ones, the dark, sometimes scary ones, not the Disney versions. Georges Méliès’ movies. Salvador Dalí’s paintings. Emil Ferris’s drawings.

This novella is set in the same universe as I, Volcano and seems to introduce book 2, We, Kraken. Whereas I, Volcano (which I loved) could be considered New Adult, this story is more Young Adult. It’s told by twenty-three-year-old Luce but the story itself takes place ten years earlier and is experienced by thirteen-year-old Luce. While not as grim as the first book in the series, it’s still a story of war and refugees. The tone is much lighter though. And there’s a cute dog.


The Flying Mermaid @ amazon

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