Embracing the Moon – Jeannie Levig

3.5⭐️ – Even though it’s set in the same universe, you don’t need to have read Embracing the Dawn to enjoy Embracing the Moon. I read it and, as usual, only remember that I liked it and nothing about the story. The couple from the first book is in this one and they’re essential secondary characters but it’s a whole new story. That said, since the MCs in this story are one of the other story’s MC’s best friends, I’m sure I missed a layer, but I don’t think it hurt my enjoyment of the book.

Taylor, 55, and Gwen, 37, have been best friends and colleagues for over a decade. They’re both attracted to the other but neither has tried to act on it beyond playful flirting. Taylor believes Gwen is straight, until, on the eve of their other best friend’s wedding, Gwen lets it slip that she, in fact, is not.

This book begins as a pretty lighthearted and steamy story then it takes a tragic turn. An interesting storyline involving a character from Gwen’s past allows Taylor to show who she really is beneath the player her friends know her as. And what happens to Gwen makes her instinctual personality take over, without any societal varnish. There are a lot of frustrating moments on both sides (and some of that frustration spills over to the reader) but the rediscovery of who they are, what they had, what they could have is more sweet than bitter. All the secondary characters add their own flavour to the story, especially EJ, the third best friend, who finds herself in a very delicate position on many levels: regarding the three-way friendship, Taylor and Gwen’s new relationship, Gwen’s brush with death…

I realise I’m being very vague. The tragic event I mentioned above took me by surprise and I’d hate to spoil it and what comes after.


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