Up Against Her – Lisa Elliot

Up Against Her is an enjoyable enemies-to-lovers / opposites-attract / workplace romance.

Skye McCulloch loves her job as Head of Qualitative Research at Your View and hopes to get a promotion when her boss retires. What she gets instead is a merger, her department with the Quantitative Research one. Worse, for the next two months, she has to work with Brianna Phillips to integrate both teams into one and if things go well, they’ll both have a shot at the Director of Research job. Brianna is fairly new to the company and nothing she knows about her makes Skye want to work closely with her.

It took me a little while to get into this story, I wasn’t a fan of Skye at first – I liked Brianna though – and the first chapters felt a bit repetitive. As I kept reading, however, the pace picked up and I came to care about both MCs a lot more. They’re both sweet and relatable, each with her own strengths and issues, and they’re lovely together. There are a few secondary characters that I wish had had more space on the page, especially Skye’s mother and Brianna’s brothers, as well as her group of friends, but all in all, this story was really cute.

3 stars

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